Christopher Aaron Moore. Power lifter, Author, Strength Coach, Philosopher and a huge reason why I decided to start blogging again.


Chris always had a very unique perspective on training and strength.  As an educated man, holding an impressive masters degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Memphis and with his background in power lifting as a natural athlete he could boast some impressive numbers (including a 975 pound squat). He always looked past just the numbers though and found a philosophy that tied all strength athletes together and yet kept us all light hearted and active in helping the community grow to new records and achievements together.   He passed away very recently, June 6th 2016. And it was very odd for me, a boy just 22 from Northern Ireland, never having met or talked to this man, and yet to be affected by his passing. Over the past year I had become a ardent follower of Chris’ work, from his Barbell shrugged and Barbell Buddha posts to his webinars, seminars and books Chris seemed to be a perfect teacher for someone like me who not only found a profound power and joy in training but also had a passion for the written word and the philosophy of strength.

So it is with his memory in my mind that I get back to what I love, writing and training. May this blog be a resource to anyone interested in getting faster, stronger or more athletic in their life and may it always be brought from the mindset of Chris. Fun, engaging, educational, never taking itself too seriously at times and always, always worth the time spent reading.


In your memory Chris we had a vice Friday, got a huge Pizza, put on a old, but great movie and chilled out for a night. Tomorrow we get back to training, but for tonight, we start talking, sharing and philosophizing about all things training and enjoying living in the here and now.

Thank you.


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