In this book Matthew Syed takes us on an education exploration across all genres of
human performance from sports to music, from chess to mathematics. And brings up many key points, all of which lead us to the very awesome and inspiring conclusion, Talent is a myth, the real power lies in practice.

Accumulating those 10,000 hours of purposeful practice on any task is a huge part of the journey to mastery on any challenge you want to undertake. To be a great athlete you need to train hard with direction and purpose, assessing the journey as you go and always working to practice not just your strong points but your weak aspects. Then you need to address the history side. Using the information from past athletes, or masters of the craft from coaches to competitors you can jump start your road to mastery and ultimately move the line of human performance forward by standing on the shoulders of giants. By taking the advice from the grand masters we can always progress.

Syed also explores the darker side of sport and human progress. Drugs. And discusses not only how misguided drug use in athletes can have startling effects down the line but brings home the importance of drug regulation and control while also shedding some new insights into the idea of gene manipulation to better man kind in the future.

This book is a must read for Coaches and anyone who believes that hard work is crucial to success.

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