This book is the first nutrition focused book that makes it into the collection. Focusing specifically on how your microbiome (gut bacteria) affect your health and more specifically how the health of your microbiome can affect your brain health and brain related illness.

With a alarming rise in neurological disorders from Alzhiemers disease to ADHD Dr Perlmutter discusses how our diet can be a leading cause of this degeneration and how with simple steps and a battle plan we can go into the future with confidence that we will reduce all instances of such diseases. Discussing the links between sugar, gluten and other chemicals can have negative impacts on the microbiome and thus on our brain health and the health of your body in general. At times it may seem alarming as you flick through the pages but Dr Perlmutter makes it clear right from the start that the purpose of the book is education and help, not to terrify or scare monger.

What is even more useful in this book is the last 3 chapters, outlining not only what foods and chemicals you should avoid but also some great recipes and ingredients you should aim to include in your diet. If you like the scientific, research focused articles on this site then you will love this book.

It is a truely fascinating read filled with scientific insight and useful easy to understand ideas on how you can eat better, cultivate a healthy microbiome and thus improve brain function, health and longevity.

Want the book?

Check it out at:

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