This book is a wonderful example of writing about philosophy and mastery without ever losing sight of good old fashioned story telling. It is packed full of inspirational moments, gem like quotes and lots of motivating words to make you want to fly like Jonathan and seize every opportunity to be yourself that comes your way.

Based on the story of a Seagull who refuses to live a normal life, this book takes the reader on a quest for mastery of flight and in the process weaves in messages of spirituality and philosophy that melt in with the narrative in such a way that as Jonathan learns the truth of his life purpose we as the reader get a larger sense of our own purpose for being.

It is a short but masterful book that is a must read for everyone, of all ages, races and religions, you will be inspired, motivated and rewarded for your time spent flying with Jonathan .

Want the Book?

Check it out at:

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