Win or Learn. A powerful mantra and the battle plan of one of the greatest coaches in MMA today. This autobiographical account of John Kavanaghs life,from growing up in Ireland to opening straight blast gym to coaching in the UFC with the likes of Gunni Nelson and Connor Mcgreggor, this book is a must read for aspiring coaches or MMA fans, especially if you are a fan of the fighting Irish boys.

Kavanagh is a phenomenal man in his own right, coaching many successful fighters, pursuing his dream of coaching and opening his own gym from iron shed to world famous Straight Blast Gyms, getting his black belt in Karate and BJJ and competing at the highest level himself on several occasions. He is one of the biggest names in Irish MMA and in the world of the Octagon he is a renowned and respected coach. If that isn’t enough to amke you want to hear his story then let me add this to the treasure trove this book has to offer. He gives a lot of info on Connor McGregors rise to UFC stardom and explores the WIN OR LEARN mentality that makes John and his fighters some of the best in the business.

I loved reading this book as a coach and athlete and if you want to explore the mindset of champions then this is a great place to start.

Want the Book?

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