The goddess revolution is, pardon the pun here, a revolutionary book in the diet world. For starters it is a book about diets that hates diets. She preaches the lifestyle of eating healthy food, that your body wants and enjoys and avoiding the greasy, chemical loaded foods that out body doesn’t need. And it is a brilliant book when it comes to helping break out of that diet dogma mindset.

With aspects of her own life mixed in between the pages Mel Wells has attempted to and succeeded in writing a fascinating book on our relationship with food. How we have confused healthy nutrition with a body shamming and aesthetics chasing culture that now surrounds the health industry. Mel attempts to shed some light on this troubling issue and passes on plenty of words of wisdom to anyone out there who struggles with body image issues or yoyo diets. From focusing on health and energy and thinking of food as a mixture of pleasure for the mind and body as well as fuel for the day her approach and advice is refreshing and appreciated.

It’s not all about the scales, it’s not all about those Abs. It’s about being healthy, fit and happy. If we get those three things then we cannot fail. So through away the diet books. Cast of the harmful mindset of body shamming and instead join the revolution to health and happiness.

*Note the book may be intended for Goddesses but in pretty sure the Gods in your life would appreciate this book to. 

Want the book?

Check it out at:

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