This book is very special for me. It is the perfect combination of philosophical investigation, witty charm and plenty of strength discussion blended together and served up over pages and pages of pure gold for anyone who has ever touched a barbell.

Chris Moore may be known to some of you as the once world class power lifter, strength coach, and host of the popular strength and conditioning podcast Barbell Shrugged. In fact it is via the latter that I first came across Chris. And he is the reason this website exists. His death struck a match in me that made we want to write and share my views as he did, all be it there are several main differences, one of which most definitely would lie in the nutrition department.

This book is the accumulation of his written works, Progress, Get Change and Way Past Strong. All of which are dripping full of the deep insights, hilarious scenarios and interesting ideas that made Chris the man he was. If you are interested in strength training, and enjoy philosophical discussion then you need this book. The Progress section is particularly invigorating and useful when focusing on your own goals or if you are coaching others. Think of this book as the Zen and art of motorcycle maintenance for strength coaches.

Want the book? 

check it out at:

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