So the holiday season is coming up soon and many of you will be packing your bags and heading of to some place warm and sunny. You have probably started or are in the middle of a training and nutrition programme to get you in shape for the beaches. However the big question is… How are you going to stay healthy when you get there.

Holidays are often associated with relaxed diets, too many beers and all you can eat in ice cream. So I thought I would share my top 3 tips to help you stay healthy and keep your healthy eating approach going while traveling.

Top Tip Number 1: Google / Google maps

Once you have booked your flights and accommodation and you know where you are staying and traveling around it is easy to begin to do a little research into the local restaurants and pull up some menus. Google maps is a great way to do this. Simply punch in your hotel or holiday home and begin to search the surrounding towns or cities for great tasting food. Once you find a restaurant you can pop open some reviews and usually a copy of the menu. This way you can plan your pit stops as you explore the city or take a break from the beach. You can see which places do great healthy food, provide for any specific diets, vegan, gluten free etc. And you can see the price so it’s not too expensive for you to keep your body healthy while you relax and enjoy the vacation.

Top Tip Number 2: The Accomodation

Okay so here’s the deal, all inclusive and buffet breakfasts are easy on the wallet but usually very harsh on your health. They often include options like eggs, bacon, lots of bread and sugary cereals with almost no fruit, nuts or other healthy options in sight. So you have to get your own. Therefore the accomodation is key to your success. Try to find a apparent or hotel room that provides some of if not all of the following; fridge, sink, kettle and oven or hob. Websites such as air BnB are great for this as you often get a house, cabin or appartment fully kitted out with every thing you are used to from home. Having a fridge means you can stock up on fruit and veg and some milks or yogurts for breakfast or snacking and the oven and kettle provide you with all you need to cook delicious meals for picnics, lazy sunny day lunches and bring food for road trips on the go. It also means you can prepare the food your self to your own needs, wants and specific taste. Its good to combine this choice of accomodation with some research from top tip 1 as no one wants to cook all the time on holiday, but also it means you can locate the local supermarkets to get all your tasty supplies from.

Top Tip Number 3: bring snacks

Ever been stranded in an airport, stuck in the middle of no where with no food and no idea where you are going? Ever been somewhere that has zero healthy option. If you have packed your own snacks then it’s no biggie. You can simply reach into your trusty back pack, retrieve your snack and go on exploring. If you have specific dietary requirements or follow a vegan lifestyle this tip also works wonders as often times the local convenient store doesn’t stock much options and your hungry belly leads your innocent eyes astray. So pack up some grub before takeoff and have it waiting and ready to go. For a personal example on our latest trip to Iceland we brought nakd bars, nine bars, and homemade peanut butter with us and having gotten stranded at 11pm we were able to grab some fruit we had picked up at the airport and the peanut butter and have a little midnight feast in the car. You never know when brining your own snacks comes in handy and the best bit is you don’t feel tempted to go for junk when you have a snack right in your pocket.

 Follow these three tips and you will guarantee yourself a healthier and happy holiday. 

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