Spark, what a title. What a book. Discussing the main ways in which exercise helps your brain, from helping boost intelligence, fight aging related diseases, reducing the effects of anxiety, depression and ADHD and others. If you have ever wondered how your brain responds to exercise and how staying fit and healthy can help eep your brain in top condition then you need to get yourself a copy of this book.

Dr John Ratey and Eric Hagerman demonstrate the full extent of the mind body connection in SPARK. Packed full of case study examples they delve deep into the relationship between physical fitness and mental health. From amazing studies being carried out with schools across the US showing that exercising on  daily basis helps to improve focus and mental acuity as well as memory function, to how using exercise can help treat patients with anxiety, depression or ADHD symptoms can have significant results. For anyone who is involved in coaching, fitness, or just wants to learn more about exercise and their body this is a great book to read, and one you need to add to your collection.

Further backing up why we need to focus on staying active not just to keep our bodies healthy but to keep our minds in top shape too.

Want the Book?

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