With the bar being raised to 10 portions daily we decided to give you all some extra tips on how to include more fruit and veg in your daily diet. And don’t be alarmed if 10 seems a long way away for you. Start small aim for 3-4 and then up it to 6 and then aim for the top. Remember more is always better when it comes to fruits and veggies.

So let’s get started with our top tips:

Top Tip Number 1: Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get some fruit and veg in. You can make a simple 1 portion glass or go all out and get 3 or 4 portions in one serving right of the bat. One great aid the smoothie provides is you can hide the veg with some sweet tasting fruit, for example having spinach or kale leaves in with some berries to get some extra veg in or adding avocado to make it a creamy drink. The other great thing about smoothies is that they can be used for any meal any time of day, from breakfasts to dinners, snacks or post workout shakes the simple smoothie is a great option. There are lots of amazing combos to play with and enjoy and if you want some ideas to get you going check out our recipe book at www.barbellhorde.com/recipe-book/ for free recipe ideas.

Top Tip Number 2: Salads

Salads are always going to boost up your intake. And with Summer just around the corner the season for salads is fast approaching. To take a step away from the traditional leaf combinations, fruit salads can be a tasty way to pile up some fruit for the day. And it allows for some pretty awesome combinations, from simple 2 piece salads, to an entire rainbow coloured salad this is a sure fire way to boost your fruit intake. Try our rainbow salad in the recipe book or come up with your own tasty combinations. And it doesn’t have to just be fruit, add some veg, like spinach, kale, cucumber and so on. Or maybe add some nuts, or coconut to add some fats and protein to the mix. But play with both extremes go all veg one day, and all fruit another.

check out some great salad ideas at www.barbellhorde.com/recipe-book/

Top Tip Number 3: Snacks

Snacking is a big one for all of us. Weather you want something to nibble around the office or just something tasty to get you through to dinner time. Fruit can be a great option here. Often it comes pre-packed and ready for the lunch box. Think bananas apples melons etc or make your own mini fruit salads with grapes, berries and pineapple. What ever you chose to do make it fun, colourful and tasty. If you add one or two fruity snacks it is a great bonus. Or you could try combinations like carrot sticks and humus or pesto a cucumber to add some veg and different flavours to your afternoons.

Top Tip Number 4: Bean Protein

Did you know that beans count as a portion of your daily fruit and veg intake? If you didn’t then this is the tip for you, not only do beans contain a lot of protein but they are also a great source of dietary fibre. Making them a great replacement for meat and a more filling one. The bonus they taste great and go great in most dishes from salads to stirrers, wraps and chilies. Do get your bean protein in your weekly shop and add one or two portions daily to your fruit and veg count.

So to recap, try adding some smoothies or salads to boost your fruit and veg intake during meals and use the snacks and beans as extra on low days. Put all of these together and you get a serious party down on the fruit and veg front.

Example day:

Breakfast – Raspberries, banana and apple smoothie with a handful of oats and yogurt (3)

Lunch – Pepper, cucumber and tomato salad with spinach leaves and organic humus (5)

Snack – 1 mango (1)

Dinner – Stir fry with broccoli, courgette, kidney beans, tofu and brown rice. (3)

Total – 12 portions

For more ideas and advice check out our guide to getting your 10 a day: 

 Guide to getting your ’10 a day’ – The Barbell Horde




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