This is the first diet based book I have shared in the library of strength. And I have selected it for 2 reasons, firstly it is a great read filled with a mixture of personal insights into Kristina’s journey, life and business and it is crammed with great nutritional tips and lots of healthy recipe ideas for you to try.

Kristina’s story is a very inspiring and interesting tale. Criminally sick and living on a lot of medication she found the fully raw diet by coincidence, a chance encounter with a total stranger in the supermarket. Several discussions with this man opened her eyes to the benefits of vegan and raw food and since then she has not only followed this lifestyle but has started two businesses based around raw food produce, become a huge hit on YouTube and Instagram and written this book. She has done so much already to encourage a healthy and plant based lifestyle and her story is one that should be heard by everyone who is living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

The fully raw diet is a totally plant based uncooked vegan diet and for those of you following such a nutritional strategy this book would be a great buy. However on a personal level I am not advertising any form of diet nor am I suggesting anyone follow this one. I believe in balance, and the information and recipes provided in this book are extremely useful, filled with insight and for the most part simple to understand and make. And by including a few raw meals in your week it is a great way to fuel your body with fruit and veg and boost your vitamin and fibre intake. It may also get you experimenting with some new ideas and new foods you have never even heard of before. I for one have been experimenting with several raw dishes from rainbow salads, to fruit bowls, deserts and more and you can see some of those in our own recipe book. The Fully Raw diet is an awesome read and one you should consider adding to your bookshelf.

Want the book? 

Check it out at:


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