For fans of fitness, bodybuilding or just weights and strength training, not counting the list of movies from the 80’s and 90’s and his more recent escapades as Governor of California and his latest line of films, all of you will have heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger… But how many have you heard his story.

I personally have been a huge fan of Arnold’s for a long time and he is the reason that my early fitness life revolves heavily around muscle, weights and bodybuilding. He gave me a spark to train and learn and build myself and now I have carried that fire away from bodybuilding to a more health focused approach but with all of the lesson learnt along the way. 

In Total Recall Arnold takes us on his world changing story from childhood in Austria to the stage of Mr Universe in America and South Africa and then onto the golden stage for films and movies that would re-shape the action genre for years to come. From his small beginnings, living on the floor of his bosses apartment to being the biggest name in health and fitness the world over. Arnold’s story is extraordinary, and his electrifying personality can be felt seeping out through every page. Fans will be captivated and admirers will be blown away.

As for a coach or athlete they co take a few pointers away from Arnold’s mentality. With his seven rules for success and his drive and determination it is enough to inspire any coach or athlete, bodybuilder or otherwise, to go get after their dreams. If you read this book, make sure to pay attention. Arnold will inspire you, all you have to do is read it.

Want the book?

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