This is a memoir by Haruki Murakami focusing on his views of running. Specifically focusing on his interest and participation in long-distance running including running the original Marathon from Athens to Marathon.

It is a beautifully simple and yet original novel in which we get a very clear insight into Mr Murakami’s mind and get to follow his detailed and beautifully written memoirs. For all fans of running and those who are also interested in or novice authors and writers this is a great book. He ties his love of running with his love of creating and his own personal philosophy on the creative process and how in his own head the two passions are intertwined.

For those of you wanting to read a book all about technique, stamina and conditioning, this is not the book you are looking for. Murakami is more focused on the health and joy running brings to his own life, and rather stays away from the technical or biological side of training. As well he should not being a trainer or physiologist, and yet for anyone who has ever laced up their trainers and went for a run it is a perfect book to sit back and enjoy. It is in total clarity a fascinating book; honest, open and a much more relaxed book on running than many other running books, focusing less on the exact science, speeds, times and footwear and more on the mindset, emotional reaction and sheer joy of running.

Want the book?

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