We all chase antelopes. For some of us Our Antelopes represent goals, in business fitness or family. For others it may be the person in front of them in the race. Symbolic of the ancient chase of hunter and prey. And in this amazing tale, Bernd Heinrich takes us on a chase like none other. The pursuit of a world record ultra marathon endurance run.

Combining his in depth knowledge of biology and his detailed study of animal physiology with his passion for running and endurance training, Dr. Heinrich explores and tells his own tale of breaking a world record using his knowledge gained from his studies.

A biologist and award-winning nature writer, he considered the flight endurance of insects and birds, the antelope’s running prowess and limitations, the ultra-endurance of the camel, and the remarkable sprinting and jumping skills of frogs. Exploring how biological adaptations have granted these creatures “superhuman” abilities, he looked at how human physiology can or cannot replicate these adaptations. Drawing on his observations and knowledge of animal physiology and behaviour, Heinrich ran the race, and the results surprised everyone–himself most of all. At the age of 41 Heinrich broke the North American record for the 100 kilometer race in Chicago. The book explores his early stages of running, cross country at school and his development from middle distance in his early days to the extreme distance of 100km.

If you are passionate runner yourself, or interested in the biology or coaching that goes into endurance sports in general then this book is a must read.

Want the book?

Check it out at: https://www.amazon.com/Racing-Antelope-Animals-Teach-Running/dp/0060199210


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