In this book Kotler takes on a whirlwind tour through some of the most extreme sports. From skateboard and BMX to surfing, Base jumping and wing suit jumps. Following the lives and stories of some of the most famous athletes and names in those respective sports in an attempt to decide why these athletes in particular have shown such massive leaps in performance when compared to those of other sports.

Focusing on the game changers, the rule breakers and the men and women who propelled their sports to new levels of human performance Kotler examines the shared personality traits, ambitions and unique out looks on life that these athletes shared and experienced. Finding flow and the chase of that heightened state.

These individuals like Shane Mckonkey, Danny Way and the rest of these flow experts have opened the door for a new human reality, chasing a new level of consciousness and human performance by merging with this flow state, and Kotler tells us how.

I highly recommend this book to all coaches and athletes, regardless if they are involved in these specific sports or not. The lessons, ideas and challenges faced and provided by these athletes are truly unmissable and simply must be experienced by all. It provides a great insight into the mindsets of these individuals and provides some lessons that all of us can learn from.

Want the book?


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