For those of you who are members of the crossfit community I can only assume that you both already own this book, or have at least spent the better part of a day endlessly scrolling videos of this young man on YouTube. If you aren’t aware just who the famous Rich Froning is then you must either have been living under a rock the past few years or have such a venomous hatred of CrossFit that you have ignored this individual with all of your mental capacity.

Rich Froning is the “fittest man in history” according to the Crossfit community. A four time (in a row) Croaafot games champion, and a two time games team champion. This book talks you through is failure in his debut games and his triumph the following year in Carson  California.

This book is not just a great and inspiring read for any crossfit athlete or box member but it is also a great read for all of us who want to learn more about top athletes and their mental and spiritual approach to life, training and competing.

Rich is a very unique individual, with an incredible work capacity and mental toughness. But he is also a devout Christian, loving father and friend. Being famous in he fitness community doesn’t seem to phase him. His book talks us through is views on life and crossfit and what’s more it provides a long list of workouts for you to try yourself at the back.

Regardless if you are crossfit fans or not, this is a great book to read. Filled with athletic insights, personal challenges and a well written and enjoyable book for all fitness enthusiasts I would recommend you get yourself a copy and enjoy.


Want the book?

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