This is the second book by Dr Perlmutter to make it onto the site and into our Library of Strength. So it’s safe to say I am becoming a bit of a fan. As always this book is enthralling for anyone interested in nutrition, it is both deeply embedded in science and research but at the same time, written very much so with the everyday individual in mind.

Yes at parts he can get technical, but he always brings the message home clearly and precisely. This particular book focuses even more so on gluten and carbs in relation to health and specifically brain health. With Perlmutter promoting his usual low carb, high fat and cholesterol approach.

Being Vegan some would think I would be totally against this book, but I believe there are several key points to take away from reading it. Firstly it highlights why we should all be lowering and removing our gluten sources in our diet, secondly he expertly explains why we need to be eating plenty of healthy fats at the same time. Sadly for many Vegans, most of his recipes are designed with the paleo community in mind and don’t really offer us much animal and cruelty free options but the information is no less important. We should all be trying to reduced processed and high gluten foods and eat more veg, fibre, healthy fats and protein. Simple.

A great book for students of nutrition, exercise referral or PT’s to read as well as anyone who is interested in maintaining their brain function and capacity and improving its current levels through diet and exercise.

Want the Book?

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