For all muscle heads and bodybuilding fans out there this is the book you want. Proper old school info and knowledge from one of the great ones of old school body building. I’ve already spoken before on this website of my love, respect and early inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to call him the greatest of all time is certainly no understatement.

Being the father of modern bodybuilding, and a driving force in the fitness revolution Arnold’s is a voice that makes you sit up and take notes. This encyclopedia is a fantastic resource for athletes, coaches and bodybuilding fans at large. From detailed diagrams of anatomy, 100’s of black and white photos of exercises, poses and athletes and page after page of golden information this is the bodybuilding bible we all need to own.

Broken down into sections of posing, training (by muscle group), the history of bodybuilding, contest prep and even nutrition. This blast from the past is still incredibly relevant, useful and a rich ore of nuggets and pearls of wisdom from one of the greats.

I recommend it to all coaches who want to focus on muscle, bodybuilding and strength athletes, and anyone looking to build muscle, learn some new moves and expand on their own bodybuilding knowledge.

Want the book?

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