Barbell Horde is a website dedicated to helping and encouraging the Global Population to return to a more active and healthy lifestyle. Exploring a wide range of health and fitness topics, from heavy strength training, to long walks, and nutrition. We want to help get people moving again. In this modern era we are taking larger and larger steps away from our natural physical selves. We have become increasingly dormant and sedentary and the thought of a tough sweaty workout is off putting to many. So we are attempting to change that, rather than being subject to a workout, we encourage you to try to find an activity to partake in or a challenge you want to complete. Be it running a 10km race, lifting a certain weight, competing in a particular sporting discipline or simply exploring your body’s abilities and having fun just being an active, healthy human being. With small steps like this we can turn ourselves around and live the lives our bodies were designed for, a life in motion.

About ME:

Barbell Horde is written and run by a twenty something year old dedicated to exploring fitness and health in many broad and variable ways. From the purely weights orientated work of bodybuilding and power lifting, to more calisthenic approach of MMA, body weight training and yoga, to pursuits of endurance in the form of hiking, swimming, running and many other avenues in between.

Following along the lines of the CrossFit founder Greg Glassman by defining physical fitness as

Increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains.

I want to try my hand at everything and see just how amazing my body really is. How strong I can get, how far I can run, how flexible I can become, how skilled in sports or disciplines can I become and how much about the human body I can learn from actively participating in the activities that inspire me at any given time.


veganAs far as nutrition goes and the resources provided on this blog and in our Recipe book they will all be strictly Vegetarian/Vegan. So for all of you vegetarian / Vegans out there check it out because there will be plenty of info posted across the board as time moves on and lots of tasty ways to fuel your bodies and stay healthy.


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